Crafco GeoTac HS Serves as Foundation for $11.6M Pavement Preservation Project

The $11.6 million initiative includes the replacement of three miles of bridge deck pavement along the US 2/I-5 Interchange in Everett, WA

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Pavement preservation company Crafco, Inc. has been chosen to provide materials for one of the largest geosynthetic-based projects ever completed by the state of Washington. Led by the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), the $11.6 million initiative includes the replacement of three miles of bridge deck pavement along the US 2/I-5 Interchange in Everett. Crafco geocomposites will serve as the foundation of the project, extending its longevity.

Composed of a resilient textile material with a specialized polymer modified asphalt backing, Crafco GeoTac HS is designed to enhance roadways by locking out water, chemicals and debris from entering the subbase, extending pavement service life. The product is ideal as a bridge waterproofing material because it significantly exceeds ASTM standards for tear strength, puncture resistance and grab tensile strength, making for easy installation as well as long-term reliability.

With the specific roadway handling an average of 22,000+ vehicles daily, choosing the right geosynthetic was key. Crafco GeoTac HS was one of only two products considered that complied with WSDOT engineering specifications. The final determination was made by WSDOT and subcontractor Jonnic Construction. Jonnic has managed or consulted on more than 2 million square feet of geocomposite work and is considered the region’s expert.

Crafco is our top choice for geosynthetics,” Matt Wood, project manager at Jonnic Construction says. “Not only are their products consistent and easy to use, but Crafco engineers and technicians are always ready to help with any issue — be it product, terrain, or otherwise. It’s nice to know there’s a company that is adept and innovative enough to resolve real-world challenges in the field.”

“We’re thrilled to be part of this milestone,” Jason Chamberlain, regional sales manager at Crafco says. “Our engineers work diligently to deliver the highest quality pavement preservation and waterproofing products. Crafco GeoTac HS is an exceptional performer. We expect it to significantly extend the bridge’s lifespan, saving WSDOT repair costs and supporting safer travels for residents and business owners.”