Bergkamp Acquires Pavement Testing Manufacturer Benedict Slurry Seal

Benedict Slurry Seal is a manufacturer of laboratory products for the asphalt pavement preservation industry

Benedict By Bergkamp Wet Track Abrasion Test
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Bergkamp Inc. announces the acquisition of Benedict Slurry Seal, a manufacturer of laboratory products for the asphalt pavement preservation industry. As an industry pioneer itself, this acquisition positions Bergkamp as the premiere provider of slurry seal and micro surfacing laboratory equipment in the United States. Bergkamp will also be taking its laboratory products into the future by making them available through an e-commerce website, which will be available starting in the second quarter of the year. For now, customers should continue to visit

Founded by Ben Benedict in 1968, Dayton, Ohio-based Benedict Slurry Seal gained recognition over the years through its design of innovative tests that measured slurry and micro surfacing performance on the roadway. Many of these tests are still used today. The Benedict Slurry by Bergkamp line of laboratory and testing equipment includes:

  • Cohesion Tester for establishing the minimum cure rate of a slurry or micro surfacing mix, allowing determination of the set and trafficability times.
  • Loaded Wheel Tester for measurement of excess bitumen and multilayer rutting potential in slurries and micro surfacing. 
  • Wet Track Abrasion Tester for testing the lower limit of bitumen content and abrasion resistance in slurries and micro surfacing; also for use in chip seal abrasion testing.
  • Flexural Tension Tester, which will measure the cracking resistance of slurry seal and micro surfacing materials.
  • Schulze-Breuer Test Machine, which is used to measure aggregate for integrity and compatibility in micro surfacing.

According to Scott Bergkamp, president and CEO of Bergkamp Inc., “Over the past 50-plus years, Benedict Slurry Seal has become renowned as a global leader in testing equipment for the pavement preservation industry. Bergkamp shares this commitment to our industry, and we are proud to make the Benedict Slurry Seal products available through our company.”

He continues, “We respect the advances made by Benedict Slurry Seal, and intend to honor that legacy by taking it into the future, providing the leading-edge professional laboratory products and services our customers require.”

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