Bergkamp Pivot Tack System

Tack/Air Hose System Eases Tack Application

Just In Bergkamp Pivot System Extending

The Pivot Tack/Air Hose System for the FP5 Flameless All-In-One Pothole Patcher features a pivoting arm that holds the tack hose off of the ground and parallel to the hopper, locked in place for transporting with a spring-loaded pin.

  • Locks into position when in use, allowing the operator to keep the hose suspended and off of the ground
  • Eliminates a trip hazard
  • Eliminates dragging the hose through wet tack
  • 180° pivot capability
  • Provides approximately 20 ft. of overall extended reach with the tack wand
  • Retrofit Pivot Tack/Air Hose System can be mounted on existing FP5 Pothole Patchers        
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