'Cookie Box' Asphalt Recycler


The SH-AR55 "Cookie Box" portable asphalt reclaimer with heated storage capability is designed to reheat virgin or recycled asphalt products to working temperature in minutes instead of hours. Cold asphalt products in chunks or pre-made cookie forms are placed inside the box on a grating.

  • In 7-10 minutes up toy 200 lbs. of heated material falls through the grating into the heated holding area
  • Heating process is unaffected by season or temperature
  • Heated product is untouched by an open flame thus preserving its original integrity
  • Upper and lower burners can be fired simultaneously or independently as needed using propane gas.
  • 14 ga. steel throughout with a heavy barred grating suspended inside the heating chamber
  • Self-storing handles for easy transport and loading
  • Striker, high-volume regulator, 10-ft. hoses and 50,000 btu burner/ lighting wand
  • Excess material formed into “cookies” and left to cool for reclaiming another day
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