Fast Cure Silicone Traffic Sealant

Pecora 322FC is a two-part, product designed for the sealing of pavement joints that experience thermal movement.

Pecora Fc 322 2021 1030

322FC cures to a resilient silicone rubber seal in a very short time when compared to a typical one-part moisture curing sealant. Pecora 322FC is used to seal joints subjected to pedestrian and vehicular traffic such as roadways, parking structures, bridges and airfields. Typical substrates include concrete, asphalt, metal, and precast pavers.

  • Cold-applied
  • Self-leveling
  • Fast-curing
  • Ultra-low modulus
  • No tooling of this self-leveling material is required when applied through typical static mixing equipment
  • One-to-one volume mix ratio packed in convenient sausage packs, that are easy to load and yield minimal waste

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