What is the Difference Between Change Order, Change Directive and Construction Change?

When you are dealing with changes on a project, they can be classified, treated, reviewed and compensated on a different basis


Originally published by Matthew DeVries on Best Practices Construction Law blog.

In the legal world, words have meaning. Not to say that words have any less meaning in the non-legal world, but sometimes you can get tricked up in your correspondence, notice letters, claims or otherwise when you use the wrong work. Take, for example, the world of changes in the construction context.

As a contractor, just because you experience a change of work on the project does not mean you will automatically be entitled to additional time or money. You will need to review your contract to make sure you are allowed any recovery for a change in your work. And when you get to the point of filing a claim for the impact of a change, then make sure you use the right words.

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