Drainrooterph 10081271

The compact, portable Drain-Rooter PH from General Pipe Cleaners features a variable-speed power cable feed and variable-speed motor to make drain cleaning jobs cleaner and easier. The variable-speed power cable feed gives the operator complete control at all times. It feeds and retrieves the cable at 16 feet per minute. A four-foot guide hose prevents cable whipping, dirty fixtures and messy floors. The Drain-Rooter PH can be operated in both horizontal and vertical positions to get closer to the drain opening. Powered by a 3.2-amp variable-speed motor, the Drain-Rooter PH carries up to 50 ft. of ¼" and 5/16", and 35 ft. of 3/8" Flexicore cable, yet weighs only 22 lbs.

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