Drain Cleaning Machines with Auto Cable Feed

Draincleaningmachineswithautocablefeed 10083041

Electric Eel introduces four new models featuring auto cable feed that advances and retrieves cable with the push of a lever. Cable guides keep hands off rotating cable for added safety. Open cages allow quick cable inspection and cleaning, making these models more user-friendly for contractors and homeowners alike. The Model RF cleans 3-6" diameter lines and runs either 5/8" or 3/4" diameter "Tri-Max" inner core cable (the toughest cable in the industry) in lengths up to 100 ft. The Model Z5-AF cleans 1¼-3" lines up to 100 ft. and runs 1/2" galvanized aircraft wire inner core cable. The Model E-AF cleans 1¼-3" lines up to 50 ft., while an inner drum eliminates cable buckling in the cage. The Model CT cleans 3/4-2½" lines up to 50 ft. A unique variable-speed motor feature gives operator maximum control.

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