General Pipe Cleaners Model 88 Sectional Drain Cleaner

You walk while it works. Just connect one end of the cable to the front of the machine and the put the other end into the drain, then stand behind the Model 88 and turn it on. The cable corkscrews itself into the line.

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General Pipe Cleaners’ award-winning Model 88 sectional drain cleaner offers rental customers power, ease, and safety. It can easily clear stubborn stoppages in lines up to 200 feet long, yet it weighs just 80 lbs., a fraction of the weight of a cage-type drain cleaner.

  • Using the Model 88 is almost like running a lawn mower; operator stands safely behind the machine during operation, pushing an 8- or 10-ft. cable section into the line and then attaching the other end of the cable to the Model 88, standing behind it and turning it on
  • Cable section spins itself into the line; when a section has run into the drain, another one is attached until the clog is cleared
  • No need to give the rental customer 200 feet of cable when they only need to clear a 50-foot line
  • Send out the number of sections the customer needs and keep the weight and wear and tear down to a minuimum
  • For extra strength, General offers either chain or spring center cables; chain combines strength and flexibility, while the inner spring can handle greater torque on long difficult job
  • General’s patented no-wrench cable drive coupler enables operator to attach cables faster

[VIDEO] How to Use the General Model 88 Sectional Power Drain Cleaner

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