Blade Products January 2008

Blade Products

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Diamond Products Drilling and Sawing Products

  • Various diamond blades, saws, core rigs and core bits
  • Grinding, grooving and slot cutting equipment, including the Bridge Deck Groover
  • Custom equipment truck
  • Polishing tools and equipment

E.D.P. Tech Blade

  • MK Diamond Products and White Cap Construction Supply offer the E.D.P. (Engineered Diamond Placement Technology) Tech Diamond Blade
  • Engineered to increase the blade’s cutting efficiency by 65 percent
  • Allows faster concrete cuts with a blade that will last longer than conventional blades
  • Available in 12-, 14-, 16- and 20-in. versions
  • Designed for general-purpose cutting using high-speed cut-off saws, dry concrete cutting and dry brick and concrete block cutting

CGW Zirconia Cut-Off Wheels

  • 3- and 4-in. diameter zirconia cut-off wheels
  • Manufactured in U.S.
  • New type 1 cut-off wheels made from premium zirconia aluminum oxide grain for use on metal, steel and stainless steel
  • Line consists of eight wheel in 60-grit size with a T-grade bond

Pearl Pro-V Series Diamond Blades

  • Designed with premium features with an economy price
  • 12” and 14” laser-weld diamond blades, 4” to 7” segmented diamond blades, 4” to 7” turbo-rim diamond blades, 4” and 4-1/2” wet/dry tile blades, 7” to 10” wet tile blades and 4” and 7” double-row cup wheels
  • All lines offer fast cutting capability, high-tensile strength cores and tall diamond segments and rims

ICS Blount Redzaw Diamond Blades

  • Line of laser-welded diamond blades to complement the Redzaw product line, in particular the Redzaw RZ60C chop saw
  • Broad selection of 14-in. blades to cut concrete, masonry, stone, ductile iron, concrete pipe, asphalt and more
  • Utilize MBS Series top-grade diamonds
  • 1-in. arbor with a knockout ring for a 20mm arbor

Shoxx X20

  • Patented segment production process uses high-quality bonds
  • Designed to cut faster and last longer than standard blades
  • Designed with a 20mm segment height to cut a wide range of materials such as block paving, brick, concrete, construction materials, granite and more
  • Trapezoidal shape of the segments limits vibrations when in operation
  • Thick steel core decreases vibrations during operation, which reduces fatigue for the user, thus providing a safer work environment
  • Diamond grains are coated with titanium to increase grain retention

Bosch SpeedWave Diamond Blades

  • Offer an innovative new segment design and a center vibration-dampening Cooling Disc to cut faster and last longer
  • Available in 4.5-, 5-, 7- and 9-in. diameters
  • Wave-shaped ridge along both sides of each segment significantly reduces blade friction and drag
  • Each blade is manufactured using Bosch patented Laser Fusion production technology

Virginia Abrasives Ultra Value Blade

  • Good choice if you want to move away from micro-measuring to a flat daily rate
  • Ideal for resale where price is the primary driver

Hilti High-Speed Diamond Blades

  • Faster cutting speed and up to 50-percent longer life than the previous version
  • Standard 20mm arbor and 1-in. knockout
  • Formulated for dry use, but can be used wet to reduce dust and noise