The Cutting Edge of Diamond Cutting Technology

Diteq Diamond Tools & Equipment introduces its new patented diamond cutting technology.

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Diteq Diamond Tools & Equipment is introducing a new diamond blade manufacturing process — Arix technology — that improves cutting speed and blade life consistently in the range of 50 to 100 percent. It is being touted as the biggest technological advance in the diamond blade industry since laser welding was introduced in the 1980s.

Dan Steiner, president of Diteq, explains the impact Arix will have on the industry. "People used to think that you had to sacrifice cutting speed to get longer life and vice versa, but Arix gives you both... We recently tested some blades in Houston, the toughest place in the world to get good performance out of a diamond blade. The contractor was pretty pleased with what he was using, then we had him run an Arix and his inch/feet doubled. We see it all the time."

Diteq gets superior performance out of its Arix diamond blades by being able to precisely arrange individual diamond particles throughout each segment. Each diamond is strategically located to deliver maximum efficiency. The diamonds are also treated with a proprietary process to increase their ability to resist being crushed. Each is spaced out evenly so they do not interfere with each other’s support structure. Precision is the hallmark of the Arix process.

For the rental industry, Arix simply means higher profits. For years, rental operators have experimented with low-cost blades and found they were not getting a good return on their investment. A cheap blade might only deliver two or three rentals, whereas a higher quality blade might deliver six or seven. Rental operators that are looking for better return on their investments are turning to Arix for its extended life.

Diteq currently offers Arix diamond blades for high-speed saws and professional flat sawing applications. Diteq plans to expand its Arix offering to cover its full range of diamond products.