New Makita 10" Miter Saw Combines Capacity, Accuracy and Effiecient Dust Extraction

LS1019L has the largest crown molding cutting capacity in its class.

Makita Ls1019l Feature Shot (left Side With Vacuum Attachment)

Makita has expanded its line-up of best-in-class miter saws with the new 10” Dual Bevel Slide Compound Miter Saw with Laser (model LS1019L). The LS1019L delivers large cutting capacity and accuracy right out of the box, with a unique 2-Steel Rail Sliding System that offers a reduced footprint for operation flush against a wall. It's ideal for fine woodworking, carpentry, general construction, and more.

  • The LS1019L has a unique 2-steel rail sliding system design that offers single slide-glide operation for smooth and dead-on accurate cutting, as well as a reduced overall footprint that allows the saw to be positioned flush against a wall.
  • The innovative direct-drive gearbox and guard system is engineered for increased vertical cutting capacity of baseboard (5-1/4”) and crown molding (6-5/8” nested), the largest in its class.
  • It will also crosscut a 4x12 at 90 degrees.
  • The saw miters 0° to 60° left and right, with positive stops at 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 31.6°, 45° and 60° (left or right). The bevel lock is located in the front of the saw for easy access and quick adjustments from 0° to 48° (left and right).
  • The LS1019L is powered by a 15 AMP direct drive motor with soft start, a key point of difference. Direct drive enables smoother start-ups and consistent, constant power with no belts to slip or replace. The electric brake provides added convenience.
  • In addition, the electronic speed control maintains constant speed under load for smoother, higher-quality cutting.
  • Additional features include a high-quality 60T carbide-tipped blade, with a see-through blade guard system for greater visibility of the blade and line-of-cut.
  • The built-in laser indicates the line-of-cut whether the blade is turning or not, and offers micro-adjustments for precise “left-of-blade” or “right-of-blade” cutting.
  • For improved dust extraction it has an improved dust collection capability for use with a bag (included) or vacuum (sold separately).
  • It also has a large-sized aluminum base that improves the stability of cutting stock for more efficient cutting.

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