45142 BoomTruck

Elliott 45 Ton Crane 11308492

The 45-ton 45142 BoomTruck model features a 142-ft. five-section telescopic main boom on a permit-free, 50 state federal bridge legal truck chassis.

  • Designed to mount on a five-axle chassis with a total overall weight of approximately 65,800 lbs.
  • 32- to 55-ft. two-section telescopic jib and detachable two-person work platform for a maximum working height of over 215 ft.
  • Work platform features a yoke system that elevates hydraulically for attachment to the boom or jib tip
  • Smooth, precise remote control system with an LMI display integrated in the remote controller
  • Features a steel crane cab with easily replaceable flat glass windshield, full-color LMI system, frictionless jib extension and a 360° chart without a front stabilizer
  • Reduced-tail swing fixed turret counterweight
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