Haulotte Expands its PULSEO MEWP Lineup

The HS15 E and HS18 E combine versatile off-road performance, increased load capacity, and eco-responsibility.

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Haulotte has launched two new PULSEO mobile elevating work platforms. The HS15 E and HS18 E all-terrain scissor lifts (HS4390 E and HS5390 E in North America) integrate unique features and widen the range of possibilities, both in terms of applications and working independence. Their fully electric architecture offers the same drive performance of an internal combustion diesel machine. This new generation of scissor lifts reinforces the direction taken by the group in recent years towards versatility and environmentally friendly alternative energies.

Pulseo Rough Terrain PerformanceThe HS15 E and HS18 E scissors are perfectly suited to work in all types of terrain: even the most rugged. They easily conquer all obstacles and climb slopes up to 45%. The oscillating axle matches the position of the front wheels to the uneven terrain to maintain optimal ground traction. The four-wheel drive axles deliver maximum torque and ensure excellent power distribution. In low grip situations, the manual differential wheel lock provides extra traction, getting the machine in and out of challenging terrain. The new PULSEO mobile elevating work platforms can be deployed on slopes up to 5° with outriggers to guarantee safe elevation on uneven ground. High ground clearance protects machine components in all terrain conditions.

The HS15 E and HS18 E scissors feature an increased load capacity to meet the most demanding applications: cladding, insulation, maintenance work, etc. They can lift up to 1,650 lbs. of load and up to four persons. The large work platform reaches 19 ft. when both extensions are deployed. To enhance productivity, PULSEO scissor lifts move at height on even terrain.

Proportional commands ensure precise movements and smooth operation on the way up to the work area, while ergonomic controls guarantee comfortable driving. The new PULSEO scissors incorporate the benefits of the ultra-high performance Haulotte Activ’Lighting System. Ten LED spotlights provide ideal illumination of the basket, controls, and the maneuvering area around the machine for safe loading/unloading operations in low visibility conditions. New on scissors, the Haulotte Activ’Shield Bar system protects the driver from entrapment situations. The machine stops automatically as the operator is pushed towards the bar.

With the 100% electric design, the HS15 E and HS18 E scissors operate with no harmful emissions. They offer a clean alternative suited to any situation, such as Low Emission Zones (LEZ) or green construction sites. Available with non-marking tires, they can also be used indoors on sensitive surfaces. The latest PULSEO machines operate in silence (acoustic profile <60 dB in electric mode), and are perfect for work in low-noise areas or public places without bothering people nearby.

PULSEO scissors are designed to maximize battery life and optimize power consumption. The 48V battery pack delivers the range necessary for a full day of work, and three charging solutions adapt to the on-site infrastructure:

  • The primary charger recharges the batteries at the end of the shift from any standard 110 - 230V single phase electrical network.
  •  An optional three-phase accelerated charger ensures an 80% charge in only three hours.
  • The HS15 E and HS18 E can be equipped with a removable and interchangeable range extender to rapidly recharge the batteries while the machine remains fully operational. One range extender can be used on different HS15 E or HS18 E.

The PULSEO models integrate the Haulotte Activ’Energy Management System. It features a tailored charging curve, built-in maintenance care programs, and preventive maintenance notifications to significantly optimize the performance and lifespan of the battery. The HS15 E and HS18 E also embed centralized watering solutions to simplify the daily work of technicians and reduce maintenance effort.

easy.jpgEASY MAINTENANCE PACK: all batteries are easily filled at once by the technician

auto.jpgAUTO MAINTENANCE PACK: water-filling is automated eliminating maintenance

With maintenance-free, asynchronous motors, direct access to components, and high-quality routing, the new PULSEO scissors ensure minimum downtime. Battery maintenance costs are significantly reduced thanks to Haulotte Activ’Energy Management. The onboard diagnostic tool, Haulotte Activ’Screen, makes daily life easy for users and technicians and provides them valuable information to guarantee the machines are always available and ready to work. These functions are also available on mobile devices via the Haulotte Diag app.

Pulseo Sicssors BenefitsBy expanding its successful PULSEO generation range, Haulotte strengthens its all terrain and electric aerial platforms offer. Versatile, the HS15 E and HS18 E combine remarkable off-road performance, exceptional load capacity, and eco-responsibility. The various charging possibilities, on mains power or via a range extender, allow adapting to the constraints of all work sites. Improved serviceability and on-board innovations reduce maintenance costs significantly. The new scissors meet Haulotte’s high quality standards and feature a five-year warranty.

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