Lighting Equipment August 2008

Construction Equipment

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AL8000 HT Light Tower


The AL8000 HT features a hydraulic-powered mast that offers a full range of motion to position light where its needed.

  • 28 ft. of vertical height, 20 ft. of horizontal outreach and 359° of powered-boom rotation
  • Light bar tilts 180° vertically, allowing operators to extend and rotate the mast into multiple positions
  • Each light pivots front-to-back and 360° side-to-side to position the fixtures in a precise direction
  • Comes with four 1,000-watt lights, a 13.6-hp Kubota engine producing 10 kW of electrical power and a 30-gal. fuel tank



Floodlight Balloons


The high-powered Powermoon floodlight balloon lights are compact and lightweight (18 lbs.) and can be set up within 20 seconds.

  • Use halogen or metal bulbs for illumination
  • Umbrella-like steel spring system opens and closes the fire-resistant, nylon balloon-shaped diffusion cover
  • Ballast base mounts on a lightweight tripod for infield use
  • Weatherproof and wind resistant up to 70 mph
  • Operate using a small portable generator or 100V power source


Powermoon Enterprises, Inc.



GloBug light towers are lightweight and illuminate to distances in excess of 150 ft.

  • Offered as a standalone unit or with a cart for an optional generator
  • Two models with maximum mast heights of 13 and 16 1/2 ft.
  • Water-resistant balloon or optional drum and reflector balloon packages
  • 1,000-watt metal halide lamp provides glare-free illumination
  • 9.5-amp units use 120-volt power


Multiquip Inc.

Ingersoll Rand L20


The Ingersoll Rand L20 by Doosan Infracore Portable Power features a 32-hp Mitsubishi diesel engine and 20-kw generator, supplying sufficient power to light a wide area and provide up to 16 kw of energy to power trailers, power tools, heaters and more.

  • Four 1,000-watt metal halide lamps mounted to a telescoping mast offering 360° rotation and extension from 12 to 30 ft.
  • Generator delivers up to 80 amps at 240 volts and 160 amps at 120 volts when lighting system is not in use
  • Standard auto start/stop capability and optional AutoLamp feature for automatic light engagement from dusk to dawn
  • Standard 27-gal. or optional 50-gal. fuel tank


The Ingersoll Rand L20 by Doosan Infracore Portable Power is a combination light tower and mobile generator. Ideal for environments where no reliable power source is present, the L20s 32-hp Mitsubishi diesel engine and 20 kw generator provide enough power to light a wide area while simultaneously providing up to 16 kw energy to power jobsite trailers, power tools, heaters and more. A 27-gal. fuel tank is standard with the option to upgrade to a 50-gal. tank.


Doosan Infracore America Corp.

Meteorlite SY22050


The Meteorlite SY22505 is a Class I heavy-duty potted vehicle safety strobe with a high-intensity LED source.

  • Consists of a durable, polycarbonate lens and aluminum base with amber, blue or red replaceable LED lamp
  • Available in high or low profiles with permanent or magnetic mounts
  • Includes 24 LEDs per head with up to 11 built-in selectable flash patterns


Superior Signals, Inc.

Mirror 15/20


The 15/20 incorporates two rugged, stainless steel mounting adapters that let you choose from a range of Whelen Class 1 beacons.

  • Weather-resistant stainless steel U-bolt mount for existing "West Coast" style side mirror brackets
  • Unobstructed warning light visible around truck body and payload
  • Lights placed high and above the drivers line of sight


Whelen Engineering Co. Inc.

Nite Lite


The Nite Lite portable work zone light provides a non-glaring white light for all moving and static nighttime construction projects.

  • Lightweight and easily transportable
  • Microprocessor-controlled electronics ignite the 400-watt Pulse Start Metal Halide lamp
  • Draws only 4 amps at 120 volts AC from a 60-Hz electrical source
  • Light output rated at 42,000 lumens for lighting up to a 15,000-sq.-ft. area


Work Area Protection



The RADIORAY Model 7901 searchlight features a programmable wireless remote.

  • Suction cup and magnetic mount shoe
  • 15-ft. cord with cigarette plug for 12-volt DC
  • Measures 7 in. x 7 in. x 8 in.


Golight Inc.

Sirocco 3K


The Sirocco 3K HTI is designed to replace traditional floodlights on light towers.

  • Glare-free light
  • Can be adapted to existing tower
  • Will illuminate 72,000 sq. ft., 360° with 300,000 lumens


Airstar America

Wireless Flashing Solar Strobe


The high-visibility Safety Alert wireless flashing solar strobe light features a simple unit located on/off control that will recharge in either the "on" or "off" position.

  • Four LEDs emit a light intensity of 4.1 candelas
  • 360° horizontal nighttime visibility of over 2 miles
  • Capable of flashing 60x per minute
  • Self contained with no direct and/or external wiring
  • Will automatically activate at dusk to dawn in the "on" position
  • Available in red, green, blue, amber and white


Rodon Corp.

Xtreme Charge


The Xtreme Charge 12-volt battery charger will simply and safely charge any 12-volt lead acid battery.

  • Intelligent testing and evaluation circuitry featuring 12 LED status indicators
  • Proprietary computer-integrated system determines and delivers the appropriate charge
  • PULSE technology minimizes the size of sulfation buildup on battery plates
  • Includes a charger with fuse-protected quick-disconnect battery clamps and lugs
  • Eliminates worry about charging in an improper or potentially unsafe manner


PulseTech Products Corp.