Portable lighting June 2007

Product spotlight

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Sirocco 3K HTI from Airstar America

  • Glare-free light
  • Designed to replace traditional floodlights on light towers
  • Can be adapted to existing tower
  • Will illuminate 72,000 sq. ft., 360 degrees with 300,000 lumens


Godwin Lights

  • Cover 5 to 7 acres
  • 30-ft. tall, 360-degree rotating steel mast and four-point outrigger stand can withstand 65-plus mph winds
  • Operating sound levels are rated at 68 dBa at 23 ft.


Allmand Night-Lite PRO Series

  • Reconfigured packages include International, Arctic Special, and CSA Approved
  • International package features two Schuko receptacles and a 6-kilowatt, 220-volt, 50 Hz power generator
  • CSA package meets all Canadian Standards Association requirements with a VIN package, UL-approved luminarie and CSA-approved wiring harness
  • Arctic Special features an engine block heater, heavy-duty battery with an electric battery blanket, remote oil drain, tubes in the tires and CSA-approved wiring harness


Ingersoll Rand BL2000 Balloon Light

  • Self-inflating illumination unit diffuses a strong, glare-free light over a 360-degree area
  • 43.3-in. diameter
  • Stands 7.5 to 15 ft. tall with optional mounting stand and covers up to a 15,000-sq.-ft. radius
  • 2,000 watts of power supplied by a 10-amp, 230-volt source for one lamp to 20-amp, 110-volt source for two lamps
  • Inflates in less than one minute
  • Wind resistant up to 63 mph


Multiquip Moonlight Lighting Systems

  • Glare-free lighting systems do not utilize fans, so dirt and other debris are not blown into the unit
  • Balloon inflates in seconds and a simple plug maintains air pressure and protects the light
  • Maximum height of 10 ft.
  • 150-, 400- and 1,000-watt outputs
  • Effectively illuminate areas up to 100 ft. from the light source
  • Durable, water-resistant PVC balloon material
  • Bulbs last up to 10,000 hours


Magnum Light Towers

  • 30-ft. all-steel mast offers 360-degree rotation
  • Four 1,000-watt metal halide lights
  • Mitsubishi engine
  • Low oil/high temperature automatic shutdowns