Generac MLT6S Mobile Light Tower Family

Durable, energy efficient LED lamps and a variable ECOSpeed Mitsubishi engine extend the run time of the MLT6SMD out to 205 hours

Mlt6 Sm Led Hero Lights Orange

The newest addition to Generac’s three-machine MLT6S mobile light tower family, the MLT6SMD, features durable, energy efficient LED lights and a variable ECOSpeed engine. The Mitsubishi engine adjusts idle speed to match the lighting demand -- 1,350 rpm for lighting only and 1,800 rpm for lighting plus 5kW clean power export -- and will run up to 205 hours on a 40-gal. fuel tank. All three of the MLT6S towers have 23-ft. masts, and set up in just one minute. The Power Zone Autolight Controller provides simple automatic start and stop selections, as well as dusk-to-dawn photo sensor operation and seven-day scheduled run periods.

  • Total lumens, 4-lamp metal halide models (MLT6SM and MLT6SK): 440,000
  • Total lumens, 4-lamp LED model (MLT6SMD): 88,000
  • Up to 19 towers transport on a 53-ft. flatbed
  • Corrosion-proof poly shell
  • ECOSpeed engine and 40-gal. fuel tank allow a maximum runtime of up to 205 hours

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