ANA PDS400SC-6E1 Air Compressor with Aftercooler

Powered by a 110.4 HP Kubota Diesel engine, this portable compressor can deliver 400 cfm at 100 psi.

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Specialized work calls for a specialized tool. The AIRMAN high production 400 cfm portable air compressor with aftercooler provides you with the reliability, longevity, and superior performance expected of AIRMAN. The built-in aftercooler cools the discharge air through a radiator and removes 70 percent of the water and oil from the discharge air.

Standard features include powder-coat paint, stainless steel hardware, corrosion-proof air intakes, and an anti-water-intrusion door seal, keeping water and debris out and noise in. These compressors provide the lowest cost of ownership, greatest productivity, and highest resale value. Curbside service and maintenance with convenient external fluid drains provide ease of service and safe operation. This model joins the PDS400S 400 cfm unit, PDS310 150/200 psi dual pressure unit, and PDS375 100/150 psi dual pressure unit to complete the AIRMAN High Production series.

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