ANA Releases Hybrid Generator Systems

Available in a variety of battery capacity options, Energy Boss hybrid generators serve as an automated power solution providing continuous power in any construction environment or work site.

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The Energy Boss is an advanced hybrid energy system that sets the standard for power efficiency, sustainability and cost savings. By leveraging innovative technology, this system maximizes power output while minimizing fuel consumption, maintenance costs, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Featuring a 15KWh battery with a life cycle of 30 years or more at a 3kW average load, the Energy Boss ensures maximum power reliability. Its compact design combines a 30kVA/24kW hybrid energy system that provides simultaneous three-phase and single-phase output voltages, capable of meeting a range of power requirements.

The Energy Boss is engineered with user convenience in mind. Featuring an all-in-one trailer, telematics, and a user-friendly 10-inch LCD display, it ensures ease of use and swift setup in any environment. Its compact size allows hassle-free transportation, making it an ideal power solution for construction sites and diverse work environments. Join the revolution in hybrid energy systems and unlock the full potential of sustainable and efficient power generation. 

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