[VIDEO] JCB Launches Five Tier-4 Final Towable Generators

Designed specifically for the North American rental market, the RS Generators were made to be safe, easy to use and incorporate as much technology and information at a users fingertips as possible.

The RS Generator range started with five models: G70RS, G125RS, G220RS, G400RS and G625RS.

Safety features include:

  • Non-slip fenders
  • Microswitch will stop unit if an operator tries to get into an area that is live
  • External emergency stops
  • Separate AC and DC supply

All JCB RS Generators are equipped with JCB LiveLink telematics, which provides real-time operating data—including fuel use and power provision—to equipment managers via a desktop or mobile device, to enable remote monitoring and management of generators in the field. The LiveLink system also provides service information to ensure equipment is correctly maintained, and location information for improved security.

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