Top 5 Ways to Prioritize Customer Relations

Meghan Boland of Boland Equipment Rentals (BER) explains how BER keeps its customer service strong.

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At Boland Equipment Rentals (BER), customer service isn't a "nice to have." It's a "must-have." 

"As a small company, we are able to capitalize on our relationships with our customers. As they grow and see success, we can share in that with them by supporting their project needs," says Meghan Boland, operations manager of BER, which is based in Hackensack, N.J.  "As a company, we are very customer service focused."
BER offers short- and long-term rentals of articulated Ub's, hi-rail trucks certified for railroad use, bucket trucks, telehandlers, aerial work platforms and more.

Boland explains how BER prioritizes customer relationships—and keeps that priority top of mind, no matter what the season.

1. Clear lines of communication

One way BER keeps customer relations strong is with clear and open communication.

"We want to develop a unique relationship with each customer so that they continue to use us," Boland says. "We have customers that have been renting from us for many years; they become family over time. You learn about their milestones both personally and professionally. It makes business fun and enjoyable."

With such a personal touch with service, it's no wonder why customers keep coming back. 

2. A professional image

In addition to making each and every customer feel at home in BER's rental facility, the organization does its best to maintain an inviting image, one that would entice potential customers to rent from the organization. 

Creating that professional image includes clean and working equipment and rental facilities, welcoming staff and a clear and polished website. 

For example, BER makes its message of customer service visible on its website: "Boland Equipment Rentals is a second-generation, family-run company. We care about our customers. Service is the keystone of our business."

3. Make it easy for the customer

A third factor involved in achieving high-quality customer service comes in the form of streamlining operations to make customers' lives easier. 

"We want to make sure we are providing quality equipment on time," Boland says. "Our goal is to make our customers' lives easier. This past year, we focused on creating strong foundations with our customers and training our employees so that (message) comes through with each rental."  

4. Continue to make customer service a priority

Just like BER has made customer service a "must-have," the company ensures that it's not a "one-and-done" item that can be checked off the list. Rather, it's a continual, developing process. 

"As a smaller business, customer relationships help you stand out from the competition," Boland says. "You're able to have that personal connection with each customer that larger companies simply cannot support."

She also notes that without customers, there is no business—yet another reason to keep customer service as a high-priority item.

5. Rely on customers for feedback

Once strong foundations have been created with customers, rental companies can lean on those customers for both industry insight and improvement suggestions.

"Talk to your customers as much as possible. Hearing from the customer directly is where you learn the most about your business," Boland says. "You’ll learn about both areas to improve and areas where things are working well. Oftentimes, customers have great ideas that will benefit other customers also."