Rental Snapshot: A Can-do Attitude

In this month’s Rental Snapshot, we speak to Richard Vasquez, regional rental manager of Sonsray Rentals. With an impressive background in customer service. Vasquez shares some of the challenges he’s faced and what he believes makes a company stand out.

Rental Snapshot Richard Vasquez of Sonsray Rentals
Sonsray Rentals

Rental: How did you first get your start in the rental industry? 

I started as an equipment delivery driver in the industry. Within a few months, I was helping with dispatching trucks and learning the meaning of customer service.

Rental: Can you give us some insight into your current company?

In 2010, we saw a need for a high-quality rental and leasing option for refrigerated transport customers, so Sonsray Rental & Leasing was founded. In 2012, the company expanded to include the construction equipment industry. Sonsray Machinery stretches the length of the West Coast, serving customers from Washington to Arizona. By 2014, Sonsray Inc., was established to house all the company’s divisions under one corporate roof.

Finally, Sonsray Rentals joined the family in 2019 to better serve customers interested in machinery rentals. Sonsray Rentals is now the largest CASE CE distributor on the West Coast with seven locations for sales, parts and service, and seven locations for rentals in California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. Rental Snapshot Richard Vasquez of Sonsray RentalsSonsray Rentals

Rental: What have been some of the challenges and successes you’ve had since you've been in business?

One of the biggest challenges I've faced has been keeping up with the demands of our customers. Making sure they have the right equipment for the job is a 24/7 task. But customer service is key in this industry. Without it, you’ll struggle to be successful.

A lot of the success I've had has centered around the honor and privilege of working for two good companies. It’s so important being a part of a company that looks and treats you like family.

Rental: What is one business tool that you recommend every rental business owner have, and why?

This may be untraditional, but one business tool I recommend every rental business owner have is a "can-do attitude." You have to believe that there's nothing you and your team can't do. Hustle hard. It's a mindset.Rental Snapshot Richard Vasquez of Sonsray RentalsSonsray Rentals

Note from Alexis: Speaking of can-do attitudes, Sonsray Rentals has a special page on their website called “Sonsray Superpowers.” They start with the question, “How do you move a mountain?” and answer with, “Probably superpowers.” They share videos from various employees describing what their superpower is, such as multitasking, communication and teamwork. It’s a great tribute to the employees and wonderful insight into the team’s strengths.

Rental: What do you think is most important for a business to do in order to foster success?

In my opinion, an important thing for a business to do in order to foster success is to employ people who have the same mindset and goals – people who want to succeed and aren't just working for the bare minimum. People who care and are contributors to the business! That's why our slogan is, "Together, We Move Mountains.”

Sonsray also encourages employees to take a day off and volunteer for a charity organization of their choosing. Doing good for others feels good inside, and it’s nice to have a company that recognizes and prioritizes that.

Note from Alexis: On top of promoting team members to volunteer, Sonsray also participates in charity work. Check out the Sonsray Force For Good page to see all the charity projects Sonsray has been a part of.

Rental: If you won the lottery, what's the first thing you do with your winnings?

The first thing I would do with my lottery winnings is to invest in Sonsray! That's what family does for family; it believes in it.