Dubai Plans to Have 25% of Buildings 3D Printed by 2030

Dubai officials claim 3D printing will lower construction costs and time and reduce the required manpower and construction waste

Dubai is determined to lead the way for 3D printing. Unveiled as part of the "Dubai Future Agenda," 3D printing will play a huge part in the area's construction and building future.

"Our key goal is to ensure that 25% of buildings in Dubai are based on 3D printing technology by 2030, and we will raise this percentage with the development of global technology as well as growth of market demand," said Sheikh Mohammed of the United Arab Emirates. "We believe that this technology is capable of transforming the construction sector by lowering costs and reducing the time it takes to implement projects. It will also help reduce manpower requirements as well as waste generated from construction which can be harmful to the environment."

The UAE will use 3D printing in the manufacturing of lighting, bases and foundations, joints, parks, mobile homes art galleries, retail venues, home villas and more.

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