Mack mDRIVE HD in TerraPro Cabover Concrete Pumper Models

Mack M Drive Hd Split Shaft
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Mack Trucks will offer the Mack mDRIVE HD automated manual transmission (AMT) in Mack TerraPro concrete pumper models beginning in 2019, marking the first time in the industry that an AMT has been available in a cabover concrete pumper.

  • Fully integrated 13- and 14-speed mDRIVE HD AMTs give concrete pumper customers improved performance, proven durability and maximized uptime
  • mDRIVE HD AMTs come standard with split-shaft PTO functionality190122 Mack Terra Pro
  • mDRIVE HD will be paired exclusively with the 11-liter Mack MP 7 engine, and will be available with higher horsepower and torque ratings than equivalent models with conventional automatic transmissions
  • Includes the MP7’s top rating of 425 hp and 1,560 lb.-ft. of torque
  • Available as a 13-speed direct drive or overdrive, as well as a 14-speed direct drive

 [VIDEO] Mack TerraPro Now Offered with mDRIVE HD Transmission

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