American Eagle Heavy-duty Aluminum Drawers

Provide heavy-duty mobile storage with weight savings up to 41% compared to the steel counterpart

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American Eagle Accessories Group announces the addition of heavy-duty aluminum drawer systems to its Aluminum Series product line. According to the company, customers continue to ask for lighter, yet strong and durable materials that can give them increased payload on their service trucks. As such, aluminum is used where possible and steel where it’s needed to provide a sturdy drawer system that still offers 500-lb.-capacity slides and the same features as the heavy-duty line.

  • Provide heavy-duty mobile storage but offer weight savings up to 41% compared to their steel counterparts
  • Feature individual locking drawers that use a single-handed T-Handle, powder-coated drawer fronts and removable drawers
  • Each drawer constructed of lightweight aluminum and fitted with a non-slip liner
  • Drawers come with dividers, a telescoping top shelf, a 2 1/2-in. riser built-in and concealed latching hardware
  • Engineered and custom-made to fit the user’s work truck specifications

Brochure: American Eagle Steel & Aluminum Drawer Systems

[Video] American Eagle Heavy-Duty Aluminum Drawer System

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