Allison Provides Commercial-Duty Transmissions for the International CV Series

1000/2000 Series are the exclusive transmissions for Navistar’s Class 4/5 trucks

Allison 1000 2000 Series
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The Allison 1000 Series and 2000 Series are the exclusive fully automatic transmissions for the newly introduced International CV Series vocational trucks.

In this series the 6-speed Allison Automatics are paired with the International 6.6L turbocharged diesel engine—one of the most rugged, trusted and thoroughly-tested commercial-grade powertrains in the industry. Additionally, the Allison-equipped International CV Series trucks are rated at up to 22,900 lbs GVWR and capable of 37,500 lbs GCWR.

Among standard and available Allison transmission features in the International CV Series trucks:

  • Power Take-Off (PTO) option enables users to run power auxiliary equipment such as dump truck bodies, tow truck winches, hydraulic tools and bucket lifts
  • Close-ratio 6-speeds, with double overdrive, to climb challenging terrain and maximize fuel economy
  • Ideal integration with the International 6.6L diesel V8. Under a collaborative engineering effort, the Allison 1000/2000 Series transmissions have been optimized to take advantage of International’s 350 hp and 700 ft-lb of torque
  • Available on rugged-duty, motorhome and emergency vehicle transmission applications the Allison Automatics allow rescue vehicles to get up to speed faster and ease the integration of body and pumping equipment
  • Allison’s patented Continuous Power Technology delivers smooth, seamless, full-power shifts, as well as superior acceleration in the CV Series
  • Allison FuelSense 2.0 electronic controls for increased fuel economy and Dynamic Shift Sensing could be available for future releases