Paving Big Philly Style | No Edge Lines Season 1 Episode 3

Brandon heads to the "City of Brotherly Love" and tries his hand at a number of new asphalt and pavement maintenance jobs for the first time, while also getting the chance to see some of what makes Philadelphia great.

Brandon gets invited to visit the City of Brotherly Love, and spend two days at the Philadelphia Sports Complex where all the city's biggest teams arenas and stadiums live. These are some of the BIGGEST asphalt pavement parking lots you can imagine, and they require a lot of upkeep. 

All OUT Parking Lots, a locally based contractor managing and doing much of the work, have Brandon try his hand at crack sealing and plate compacting for the first time. This time, he gets to doing just a little bit of site-seeing, trying his first REAL cheesesteak at Pat's, standing atop the "Rocky steps" and flying in a helicopter!

Featured Music:

"Buried In Part" by Anya Van Rose, Golden Age (2020)

"I Don't Wanna Smoke Forever" by Killbuck, Killbuck (2017)

"Pretty Please" by Anya Van Rose, Lucky Stars (2023)

"Blue On Blue" by Anya Van Rose, Lucky Stars (2023)

"Scaffold Climber" by Killbuck, Killbuck (2017)

"On The Road Again, Again" by Killbuck, Killbuck (2017)

"Lay Me Out" by Killbuck, Killbuck (2017)