Cargill ANOVA Asphalt Solutions

Minneapolis, MN 55440

Company Overview

As a worldwide presence in the asphalt industry, we deliver results for hot mix plants, DOT agencies, refineries, and asphalt mix plants.

Asphalt Rejuvenators, Asphalt Warm Mix Additives, Asphalt Cold Mix Solutions, Asphalt Anti-Strip, Asphalt Emulsifiers, Asphalt Rheology Modifiers

Company Details
Years in business:Since: 1865
Number of employees:10001+
PO Box 9300
Minneapolis, MN 55440
While creating that perfect road is always the goal, mixing the right combination of binder, aggregate, modifiers and polymers to meet the stringent specs of the job CA be tricky. And, keeping it looking great CA be equally challenging. Cargill ANVOA Asphalt Solutions provides:Full line of rheology modifiers, rejuvenators and warm mix additivesUnique bio-based chemistries to create new-to-the-world productsTechnical support and formulation services for customersFully functional asphalt binder analysis and applications lab to simulate real-life conditions such as aging and traffic loadingThe ability to further characterize asphalt beyond PG grading, including asphalt fractionation and molecular size distributionConsistent global sourcing and supply of diverse agricultural-based materials enabling enhanced price stability and supply availability
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