Asphalt Contractor Product Showcase January 2008

Asphalt Products

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Titan V-Floor Asphalt Trailer
Titan Trailers offers an "extreme-duty" version of its THINWALL aluminum live-floor trailer, designed to handle the high heat of hot mat.

  • "V-Plow" cleaning system works with V-Floor to clean between the V-shaped steel slats after the load is walked off
  • 48-foot five-axle model
  • Remote control to run the unloader from the paver
  • Can unload 40 tons in 10 minutes

Work Area Protection Nite Lite
The Nite Lite portable work zone light provides a non-glaring white light for all moving and static nighttime construction projects.

  • Lightweight and easily transportable
  • Microprocessor-controlled electronics ignite the 400-watt Pulse Start Metal Halide lamp
  • Draws only 4 amps at 120 volts AC from a 60-Hz electrical source
  • Light output rated at 42,000 lumens for lighting up to a 15,000-square-foot area

Liebherr Medium-Sized Wheel Loaders
Liebherr replaces its L 524, L 534 and L 538 loaders with the L 524 2plus1, L 528 2plus1, L 538 2plus1 and
L 542 2plus1.

  • Liebherr drive system with 2plus1 technology provides a higher speed of up to 25 mph and reduced fuel consumption
  • Z-shaped or parallel lifting frame
  • Operating weights from 22,818 to 28,748 pounds with bucket capacities from 2.62 to 3.53 cubic yards
  • 141-bhp Liebherr (L 538 2plus1, L 542 2plus1) and 115-bhp John Deere (L 524 2plus1, L 528 2plus1) Tier III engines
  • Improved cooling system
  • Completely redesigned cabs with an operating control layout based on the larger 6th generation loaders

Keith Walking Floor
The Walking Floor design from Keith Mfg. features "V"-shaped hydraulically powered floor slats for maximum impact absorption

  • For conveying and unloading rock, sand or hot asphalt
  • Powered by tractor-mounted PTO
  • Floor speed controlled by increasing or decreasing rpm
  • Stationary and mobile systems available

ShedWorks Asphalt Mixture Testing Equipment
ShedWorks Inc. manufactures laboratory and field asphalt mixture testing equipment for mix design, structural design, and construction quality control/assurance.

  • Three models of computer controlled testing machines and three models of automated sawing and coring devices
  • Testing machines available include an overlay tester, an indirect tension tester and a dynamic modulus hot mix asphalt tester, each of which have integral temperature control systems

InstroTek Model 3500 Explorer
The model 3500 Xplorer moisture density gauge from InstroTek Inc. features the most up-to-date electronics, improved performance and straight forward, simple operation.

  • Menu options are easy to read and navigate
  • Backlit LCD screen and special scroll functions allow operators to easily read the two-line display during day or nighttime work
  • Unit has been thoroughly tested for ruggedness and accuracy
  • Battery Saver and InteliCharge extend battery life keeping the gauge on the job instead of on the charger

Stehr Plate Compactors
Stehr offers hydraulically-driven vibrating plate compactors as single-, double- or triple-plate assemblies that can be easily attached to various equipment.

  • Force produced by the two counter-acting eccentric shafts is concentrated 100 percent vertically
  • Models range from 27- to 100-inch operating widths with 1,257- to 2,899-pound operating weights
  • Adjustable vibration system with frequency from 40 to 60 Hz and amplitude of .08 inches

Asphalt Zipper AZ-500
The AZ-500 attachment transforms your loader into an asphalt recycling/milling machine.

  • Re-engineered from the ground up
  • Processes asphalt up to 12 inches thick?
  • 18- to 48-inch cutter widths
  • Bullet head, carbide-tipped cutting teeth
  • Improved active hydraulic depth control
  • Active hydraulic top opening bit hatch
  • Pressurized belt tensioning system

CEAttachments Severe-Duty Edge Cold Planer
The Edge severe-duty cold planer is suited for use on high-flow skid steers.

  • Available in 40-inch width and 10-inch depths
  • Electro-hydraulic-controlled tilt, depth and sideshift
  • In-line filter
  • Full side plates and rear mounting flange enclose drum
  • Front lid for easy access for cleaning and maintenance of picks

Case Onboard Scale Systems
Case?announces the availability of the Loup Electronics Load Log 800 and Load Log 8000 onboard scale systems for its Models 521, 621, 721, 821 and 921 wheel loaders.

  • Weigh 'on the lift' to speed operation
  • Enable operators to load more trucks per shift
  • Ensure trucks are correctly loaded the first time
  • Reduce visits to the weigh scale
  • Generate operational logs to ensure accurate record keeping