How to Get the Most Out of Showcase

After talking with more than two dozen equipment manufacturers and material producers throughout the summer, the word on the street is contractors are spending again. We all knew this day would come – when the economy would pick up, property vacancy rates would decline, rents would rise, property managers would loosen their grip on maintenance and capital improvement dollars, and contractors would be not only busy but busy at better margins again. And while there’s no question the paving & pavement maintenance industry isn’t all the way back, we’re moving in the right direction (and conversations with contractors have them bullish on 2015, too).

What a perfect time to have our December Showcase land on your desk.

This annual product Showcase is compiled each year to give readers a starting point when they want to replace worn out equipment, add another producer to their fleet, expand into a new service – or in the case of material producers see what other options are available. You should use it that way -- to start your search for the product that best suits your needs and budget. But don’t stop here. Pay a visit to which gives you access to the thousands of tools, pieces of equipment and materials available in this industry. And when you visit the website you’ll see that not only are individual product descriptions more detailed but we can link you directly to a product manufacturer’s website where you can learn even more information, find a local dealer or schedule a visit from a rep.

This year we’ve compiled more than XXX products in 12 categories to help get you started replacing that paver that’s outlived its most productive years, or upgrading the sealcoating system so you can tackle even larger parking lots more efficiently. But don’t stop with Showcase; visit for more details about the products in which you are interested and to see what other makes and models are available.