Trimble Horizontal Steering and Automatic Screed Controls for Vögele Asphalt Pavers

Trimble Industries introduces new Roadworks Paving Control Platform version 2.1, and takes another large step towards greater machine control autonomy.

Trimble Roadworks V2 10
Provided by Trimble Industries

The path towards greater and greater took another significant step forward, as Trimble revealed its newest version of the successful Roadworks platform. It adds horizontal steering and automatic screed width controls for the Vögele Navitronic asphalt pavers. Automated functionality isn't any new, but, as the industry pushes hard into electrification with more EV and hybrid options for construction vehicles. has been working hard to bring great coverage to these topics over the summer, and you can read more detailed pieces here and here, which are great analysis about what the future might look like concerning automated fleets.

Trimble Roadworks V2 10Provided by Trimble Industries

This updated 2.1 version of Trimble Roadworks, paired with the properly equipped Vögele pavers, is now the most cutting edge and advanced 3D paving system they've brought to market. These new features mean better quality, more accurate and faster pave times all in one package. The automation means a substantially lower rate of operator fatigue over more common systems and set-ups.

The control, also, translate into a more sustainable job site, as waste is reduced when material quantities are more accurately measure, and less asphalt is used during the process. The system offers benefits for both straight, linear paving and for radius paving according to 3D paving designs. This ensures that the asphalt is accurately placed both horizontally and vertically. 

"Asphalt pavers can be difficult to steer effectively, and with increased investment in infrastructure projects worldwide, the need for paving efficiency, accuracy, speed and operator job satisfaction is greater than ever," said Kevin Garcia, general manager for Trimble Civil Specialty Solutions. "Horizontal Steering Control and screed width control makes it easier for operators to deliver a higher quality surface and get up to speed quickly and makes the job easier and less exhausting for operators. We are focused on automating tasks that make operators more efficient and on connecting stakeholders across the construction continuum, and this new version of Trimble Roadworks helps us advance both of those goals for asphalt paving contractors."

Trimble Roadworks version 2.10, including Horizontal Steering Control and automatic screed width control, is compatible with properly equipped Vögele Premium Class asphalt pavers and is now available worldwide through the SITECH® distribution channel. For more information, visit:

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