Indiana Investigating $71M Crumbling Asphalt Issue

Two Republican lawmakers calling for independent investigation into how state may have bought $71 million in crumbling asphalt that may not have enough binder

South Bend Tribune

Indiana Department of Transportation is investigating 188 roads — $71 million in asphalt — that might have been paved with asphalt mixed with too little binder, causing the roads to crumble and cracks years earlier than they should. Some local highway departments have been warned the life spans of recently paved roads could be 30% shorter than usual.

INDOT says it would demand refunds from contractors that didn't use enough binder, but Republican Chairman of the House Roads and Transportation Committee Ed Soliday says he's not convinced it's the contractors faults since projects across the state have the same problem.

Soliday and State Senator Carlin Yoder are calling for an independent investigation into the issue.

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