Minnesota Gov. Signs Bill to Deliver $105 Million in Federal Funding for Transportation Projects

This funding will complete more than 28 highway, road, and bridge projects in over a dozen communities across Minnesota.

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Governor Mark Dayton has signed Chapter 14, HF 837, to authorize $105 million in transportation investments funded by the federal FAST Act. This funding will complete more than 28 highway, road, and bridge projects in more than a dozen communities across Minnesota. The bill passed with unanimous bipartisan support in the Minnesota House and Minnesota Senate.

“I am pleased that the legislature has authorized this funding, which is ready to put people to work to improve our road and bridge infrastructure across our state,” said Governor Dayton.

Governor Dayton first called for this funding to be authorized in October of last year, but the legislature did not take action at that time. Last month, Governor Dayton again urged the legislature to pass this authorization, to allow Minnesota communities to access federal funding for transportation projects in time for the coming construction season.

Under the federal funding authorized by Governor Dayton today, $105 million will support needed highway, road, and bridge projects in communities across Minnesota. Click here to see the projects receiving federal funding thanks to this authorization.

Under the federal FAST Act passed in December 2015, Minnesota received an increase in funding for its highway construction program. This increase will amount to a $105 million reimbursement of federal funding for the 2016-2017 biennium. Federal law requires states to commit to the increase, or lose the federal funding. The bill signed today by Governor Dayton will authorize MnDOT to participate in this reimbursement.
As part of his Opportunity Agenda for a Better Minnesota, Governor Dayton has proposed a transportation solution that would repair or replace 1,700 miles of roads and 235 bridges statewide. The governor’s plan would also provide local leaders the resources and flexibility to repair and replace local roads and bridges in their communities by directing over 40% of the new revenues to cities, counties, and townships. Dayton’s proposal would add 500,000 additional hours of transit service annually in Minnesota, and would support 20 new transitways in the Twin Cities. Learn more about Dayton’s transportation solution here.