IRTBA Names New Chairman

In addition to her role as chairman of the Illinois Road and Transportation Builders Association, Jennifer Krug McNaughton is a vice president of K-Five Construction Corporation

"In the past 20 years, the world has literally changed around us. Construction is no different. However, many picture transportation builders in the same light as 20, perhaps 50 years ago. Not only is this no longer an accurate vision, it quite literally couldn't be further from the truth," said Jennifer Krug McNaughton, upon being sworn in as the second female president of the Illinois Road and Transportation Builders Association (IRTBA).

"The world of transportation in Illinois is open to anyone who thrives on challenges, risk and competition, period. It's an exceptionally tough industry, yet it provides the foundation for businesses and families every single day in Illinois. We provide the transportation systems needed to bring families together and to keep Illinois moving," Krug McNaughton went on to say.

"We need to change the way people think about transportation here in Illinois. Our roads, bridges, runways, railways and waterways are the key to our economic livelihood. We must invest in the future in order to maintain our role as a transportation leader," said Krug McNaughton. "Our transportation systems are in dire need of reinvestment, we are the face of transportation and we need to make leaders and the public aware of the significant benefits of these investments," she said.

Jennifer Krug McNaughton has worked with the Board of Directors to set forth goals of the association. Under her two year term, the association will avidly work to achieve these endeavors. "IRTBA will be the voice for increased funding for transportation design. IRTBA will be and advocate for our members in training, education and services. We will be the recognized public voice for information on transportation design and construction, and we will increase diversity. We will continue to push for sensible, sustainable practices and new technologies within the industry," Krug McNaughton remarked.

In addition to her role as chairman of the IRTBA, Ms. Krug McNaughton is a vice president of K-Five Construction Corporation. K-Five Construction has paved the Chicago land area for over 30 years, and is a leader in the heavy highway public and private transportation arena. Jennifer Krug McNaughton began her career in government before returning to her family's business in 1998. She has spent several years on the IRTBA board, serving as a leader and visionary on numerous committees.

Ms. Krug McNaughton received her BA in business from Indiana University and her MBA from Loyola University. Ms. Krug McNaughton is married and expecting her first child in March.