Every Day Counts Initiatives Push Contractor Technology

Initiatives intended to cut road-construction delivery in half call contractors employ 3D modeling, intelligent compaction, design build and other processes

A new set of initiatives aimed at pushing ahead new technology that accelerates transportation projects is now available for use by state, local, and regional transportation agencies and the design and construction industries.

The Federal Highway Administration's second round of Every Day Counts (EDC) initiatives are intended to help transportation agencies deploy new technologies and innovative processes that would speed delivery of transportation projects.

The 2012 initiatives include:

  • Programmatic Agreements II
  • Locally Administered Federal-Aid Projects
  • 3D Modeling for Construction Means and Methods
  • Intelligent Compaction
  • Accelerated Bridge Construction
  • Design Build
  • Construction Manager/General Contractor
  • Alternative Technical Concepts
  • High Friction Surfaces
  • Intersection and Interchange Geometrics
  • Geospatial Data Collaboration
  • Implementing Quality Environmental Documentation
  • First Responder Training

Every Day Counts was established in 2010 to deploy innovations with proven benefits in order to complete highway and bridge projects faster. The initiatives are promoted for two years and teams of specialists spend time traveling the country to explain the benefits of each to stakeholders. Since the program's inception, every state transportation department has utilized at least one of the Every Day Counts technologies.

Additional information on the Every Day Counts 2012 initiatives