ARTBA Sponsors Virtual Conference

Events cover transportation management and work zone safety

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Come participate in a virtual conference sponsored by the American Road and Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA). LoTrans – the “Local Transportation Management Virtual Conference & Innovation Showcase” featuring “Best Practices in Work Zone Safety” is an online learning event for state, county and city transportation officials.  LoTrans kicked off yesterday at noon with a special session on the impacts of MAP-21 on local agencies. Below is the full list of topics covered in both the event’s “transportation management” and “work zone safety” sessions. All sessions will be available for viewing starting tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. EST.

Nearly 800 people registered for the event, which is being supported by the Federal Highway Administration and features exhibitors such as Caterpillar, 3M and HCSS. 

Registration is free at

Transportation Management Sessions:

  • MAP-21 & What it Means for State & Local Transportation Officials– Caterpillar Booth
  • Tort Liability & Risk Management—Honeywell Booth
  • Contracting with Architects & Engineers—ARTBA-Transportation Officials Division Booth
  • Maximizing Local Public Agency Resources—NLTAPA Booth
  • Grassroots Marketing 101—ARTBA-Transportation Officials Division Booth
  • Managing Gravel Roads—NLTAPA Booth
  • Sign Management—3M Booth
  • Maximizing Staff Performance—NLTAPA Booth
  • Crisis Communications—Caterpillar Booth
  • Environmental & Legal Issues—Honeywell Booth
  • Utility Relocation—Caterpillar Booth
  • Innovation & Steel Bridge Technology—"Roads & Bridges" Booth
  • Civil Information Management—FHWA Booth
  • Cost Effective Bridge Preservation Methodologies—NACE Booth
  • Asset Management Systems – An overview—"Better Roads" Booth
  • Reaching the Public Through Video—ARTBA Store Booth

Work Zone Safety Sessions:

  • Overview of Roadway Safety (RSP+)—Transpo Industries Booth
  • Occupational Hazards (Spanish)(RSP+)—Transpo Industries Booth
  • Internal Traffic Control—Empco Lite Booth
  • Best Workforce Safety Practices—Honeywell Booth
  • Why Investment in Safety Pays Back—Lindsay Transportation Booth
  • Sign Management Strategies—3M Booth
  • Towards Zero Deaths—Work Zone Safety
  • Speed Management in Work Zones (RSP+)—Honeywell Booth
  • Preventing Runovers & Backovers (RSP+)—Caterpillar Booth
  • The Art of Conspicuity—3M Booth
  • Decade of Action for Roadway Safety—ARTBA-Transportation Officials Division Booth
  • Moveable Barrier in Work Zones—Lindsay Transportation Booth
  • Work Zone Safety—FHWA's Perspective—Work Zone Safety Clearinghouse Booth