HCSS Survey: 69% of Contractors Expect to Overcome Intensifying Competition in 2013

Heavy-construction software supplier's customers reveal innovation and adaptation fueling increased bidding competition, and a fair 2013 outlook for contractors

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Construction estimating software developer HCSS has released findings from its “2013 Heavy Civil/Infrastructure Estimating Survey,” offering insights to issues affecting the heavy/highway industry. HCSS received survey responses from 442 companies across the U.S. and Canada.

“The survey is particularly valuable because of the wide range of HCSS’s contacts and its ability to draw on the experience of North American estimators engaged in all major aspects of construction,” says Michael Rae, president of HCSS customer International Construction Services in Canada.

Document: HCSS 2013 Heavy Civil/Infrastructure Estimating Survey Results

Highlights of the findings: 

  • More bidders per job and more competition. Forty percent of respondents stated they saw an increase in the number of bidders on jobs in 2012 vs. 2011.
  • Companies must adapt to stay in business in today’s economy. One way companies are doing so is by expanding their scope outside of their normal specialties or bidding jobs outside of their normal geographic range. Fifty-three percent of respondents reported having to bid on work outside of their normal geography or specialty area.
  • Companies are generally optimistic for 2013. Only three percent of respondents said it will be difficult to stay in business in 2013, and 69 percent expect to make a small profit or even have a fairly good year.

“As far as our customers go, HCSS has not seen a significant drop in customers on annual software maintenance,” said Mike Rydin, HCSS president. “Although the survey was only of HCSS customers, it’s reassuring to see that only a few of those responding to the survey expect to have a hard time staying in business given the current economy.”

Other highlights of the survey results include companies’ change in private vs. DOT bidding and plans to expand workforce or to give raises to estimators and field workers.