New Jersey Governor Announces Road Construction Grants

Christie Administration announces 11 Local Aid Infrastructure Fund grants worth $2.2 million

The Christie Administration has announced 11 grants totaling $2.2 million through the New Jersey Department of Transportation’s (NJDOT) Local Aid Infrastructure Fund (LAIF) program.

The grants will advance safety, drainage, and pavement reconstruction projects in municipalities in seven New Jersey counties.

LAIF grants are among about a dozen Local Aid grant programs administered by the NJDOT that utilize state or federal funds to provide direct support to municipalities and counties, enabling local governments to advance important projects without burdening local property taxpayers.

The grants announced are part of the Fiscal Year 2015 Local Aid grant program that totaled $190 million. Each year, Local Aid grants represent a significant portion of Local System Support, which also includes local lead projects, regional planning and project development, and transportation enhancement projects.

Municipalities apply for LAIF grants on an as-needed basis throughout the year. The Department awards grants periodically based on the availability of funding and the strength of the application. In July, nine FY14 LAIF grants totaling $2.4 million were awarded.

To see the 11 projects selected, click here.