V-Series Side Entry Mixers

Vseriessideentrymixers 10083047

A line of side entry V-belt mixers designed for dependability and easy maintenance in various asphalt mixing applications is available from Sharpe Mixers.

  • Steel housings, rigid motor mounts, oversize shafting, piloted dual-tapered roller bearings, and belt drives with "QD" style bushings
  • HYFLO 4-blade impellers and seals configured to match user requirements
  • Large, open access areas for easy servicing
  • All grease fittings and lube ports accessible from one location and all seal parts, shaft bearings and belt drive components are replaceable without removing the mixer or draining the tank
  • Sizes range from 1.5- to 300-hp motors, 1.5- to 6-inch-diameter shafts, and 12- to 48-inch impellers
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