Control Technologies for Cold Mills

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A suite of powerful control technologies is offered on the new W 200, W 210, W 220 and W 250 cold mills, including:

  • Parallel-to-Surface (PTS) technology, which automatically keeps the cutter housing level as the cold mill moves into a cut, accelerating production
  • “Smart” WIDRIVE technology, which offers new microprocessor-controlled enhancements to machine control systems, tying all main functions to a single source to manage fuel costs, tooth costs and other variables
  • Intelligent Speed Control system, which incorporates an electronic flow divider that makes the four tracks work in harmony when turning a radius
  • Level Pro regulates the pre-set milling depth and actual readout electronically
  • 3DS Flexible Application Drum Speed system automatically slows drum speeds in deep cuts, saving on fuel consumption and tooth wear
  • Vacuum Cutting System removes dust, fines and smoke from the cutter chamber
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