RAP-100-SM Asphalt Recycler

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This skid mount model asphalt recycler is based on HDE’s powerful infrared heat, rather than conventional torch technology.

  • Designed for small- scale production of recycled asphalt for pothole repair
  • 100,000 Btu propane fired infrared heater emits high intensity infrared heat from it’s 4' x 16" full surface infrared heater, allowing re-heating rap or waste chunks of asphalt at the rate of 1-2 ton per hour
  • At one time, 1/2 ton batch can be processed, and with full heating capacity and minimal moisture conditions of the RAP, a batch can be re-heated in as little as 15 minutes
  • Needs no battery or blower for operation, naturally fueled by propane pressure in a standard propane tank
  • Operator is able to adjust the degree of infrared emission for jobsite control by simply adjusting the regulator from the propane tank
  • The no flame technology of infrared is controlled via a certain gas pressure through a standard size orifice so gas consumption can be accurately predicted
  • Gas consumption for the 100,000 Btu capacity heater is rated at 3 US Gallons per hour
  • Fully insulted mixing chamber consists of a 24” diameter double ribbon mixer screw
  • Recommended end temperature is 275°F, at the point where light oils will start to burn off, with potential change of the penetration grade of the asphalt
  • Process time can be monitored by a hand infrared thermometer, or an optional automatic temperature control at which time the 6” x 6” discharge gate can be opened and the material augered out
  • The HDE infrared heater is hydraulically controlled to allow repositioning and re-filling the mixing chamber by hand or small bucket. At this point other products can be added to meet mix requirements, such as asphalt cement, pellets, fibers, etc.
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