CB-100 Conveyor Broom

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The Roadtec CB-100 Conveyor Broom is a mobile, self-propelled sweeping machine designed to clean material from work sites.

  • Conveyor brooms are used for asphalt milling, snow removal and construction site sweeping
  • The CB-100 offers a patented clean sweep system designed to yield clean-up in one pass
  • The CB-100 weighs 17,000 lbs. and features an exclusive flow system design
  • The 812.8 mm (32 in) diameter brush rotates at 150 rpm with adjustable, free-floating designs that are said to reach every crevice
  • The brush is 6 ft wide
  • Front-mounted rakes comb through material to separate and remove large debris
  • Strike-off blades cut material heights to manageable levels
  • Specially designed, dual moldboards direct material to center, preventing end gate seepage and material loss
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