testing equipment

ShedWorks Inc. manufactures laboratory and field asphalt mixture testing equipment for mix design, structural design, and construction quality control/assurance.

  • Three models of computer controlled testing machines and three models of automated sawing and coring devices
  • Testing machines available include an overlay tester, an indirect tension tester and a dynamic modulus hot mix asphalt tester, each of which have integral temperature control systems
  • Dynamic modulus tester can be used to test 4" x 6" cylinders of asphalt (cut and cored from a larger gyratory compacted specimen) to obtain modulus and phase angle
  • Indirect tension tester can handle 6-inch-diameter specimens and the overlay tester takes a small 3 x 6 beam made by cutting each side of a 6-inch core or gyratory specimen
  • Version of the overlay tester is also available for testing crack sealant materials
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