Asphalt Contractor Presents Top 30 Award to Cat Paving Products

The staff of Asphalt Contractor Magazine visited Cat Paving products to present their Top 30 Editor's Choice Award for the Caterpillar PM620 & PM622 Cold Planers during an all employee meeting at Cat's facility in Maple Grove, MN

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Each year, the staff of Asphalt Contractor Magazine presents their Top 30 Editor’s Choice awards to companies who have gone above and beyond in developing a product that is truly a game changer for the industry.

This year, the third year of these awards, the staff wanted to target products that truly improve a contractor’s bottom line. Theyfocused on products that were easy to use, an ever important buying decision with the skilled labor shortage, featured precision control in the work environment and focused on operator comfort, all of which lead to increased productivity. The Caterpillar PM620 & PM622 Cold Planers are the embodiment of all those qualities.

"We’ve heard nothing but good things about these machine from contractors who uses them every day," Amy Schwandt, publisher of Asphalt Contractor said during an all employee meeting at Cat Paving Products in Maple Grove, MN. "They’ve indicated that everything from set-up to routine maintenance are nothing but easy and hassle-free and that Caterpillar has eliminated the guess work that can sometimes come with milling applications."

Not only has machine downtime become almost obsolete with the PM620 & PM622, contractors are saying these machines are helping them effortlessly meet the ever stringent quality specs on milling jobs all while improving completion times by up to 50%.

These “ready to work” machines are an easy choice for contractors who are ready to take their milling application to the next level. And selecting the PM620 & PM622 Cold Planers for this year’s editor’s choice award was an easy decision for us as well.

"We’re honored to be here to present this award to you all and thank you for your hard work in developing and building products that truly make a difference in the road building industry," Schwandt says.