Wanted: Classic Shot Blasters

I am a fan of all the practicalities of today's car -- fuel efficiency, safety and relative quietness. But a classic muscle car makes me turn my head and give my Hyundai a little gas when I am cruising down the road. The classic design and roar of the engine is intoxicating even to fuel-conscious me -- and most of these cars are older than I am! I guess that is why I thought Blastrac's contest to find the oldest working 1-10D shot blaster sounded like some good ol' American fun. There have been a lot of advancements to shot blasters since that first Blastrac model appeared in 1985, but it is worth recognizing that original idea and paying homage to a bygone era. Or maybe not so bygone for the Blastrac customers who are still working those 1-10Ds in the field! If you have a 1-10D still doing duty on the jobsite, you can enter the contest by submitting your equipment photos through Blastrac's website by October 15, 2010. And if you are interested in checking out the winner of the Blastrac search for the oldest working shot blaster, you will find the classic unit in Blastrac's booth at the World of Concrete 2011.
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