Enhancing the Sustainability of Concrete Pavements

Describing how concrete's sustainability can be enhanced through wise design and material choices

This session will define sustainability in the context of concrete pavement, describing how concrete's sustainability can be enhanced through wise design and material choices. The focus will be on how the environmental footprint of concrete pavements can be reduced over the life cycle through the expanded use of accepted cementitious materials including ASTM C595 blended cements and ASTM C1157 performance cements. Alternative systems, including high-volume fly ash and geopolymer concretes will also be introduced. Current and future research efforts will be discussed, including methodologies for quantifying environmental impact through rating systems and environmental life cycle assessment.

Learning Outcomes: 1. Understand sustainability’s triple bottom line and how it can be applied to the design, construction, and operation of concrete pavements. 2. Know the contribution of Portland Cement to the overall environmental footprint of concrete and be able to list three strategies to dramatically reduce this footprint for concrete pavements. 3. Be able to state four additional features to enhance the sustainability of infrastructure through the use of concrete. (More)