Learn the Real Reason Your Clients Hire You

You MUST learn the real reason clients hire you - your clients don't think like you do.

Have you ever asked your clients why they hire you? Their answer will probably surprise you - and it is an essential piece of information for you to know.

The real reason your clients hire you should show up in your advertising copy. It should be used as the foundation targeting new prospects. Knowledge of the reason will help you close sales.

It will help you get through your prospects' gatekeepers. It will let you project complete understanding and oneness with your clients. It strengthens relationships.

You MUST learn the real reason clients hire you. And you can't learn it without asking them directly. Your clients don't think like you do.

Where you see an obvious need, they see a minor annoyance. Where you see a small benefit, they see an essential advantage. You simply cannot out-guess them.

Let me give you an example from my own practice. I believed the main reason my clients were hiring me was to keep them focused on business building activities and to help them avoid business-killing mistakes. Turns out that the main benefit most of my clients and prospects receive. Most are looking for an outsider to help hold them accountable to their commitments and to keep them motivated to do the things they need to do.

All three are tremendous benefits and I was aware the second two were valued benefits. I just never suspected they were more valued than the first. I asked the question to every client and prospect I crossed paths with and it became abundantly clear that they all were thinking alike. And I wasn't on the same page. You probably aren't on the same page with your clients either.

Let's address how to ask the question effectively. It's both easier and more difficult than you may think. Pick out your five most valuable clients, the five you can count on for solid, profitable sales. Take each out for coffee or lunch. Tell them how much you appreciate their business. Tell them how much you would appreciate some honest feedback. Tell them you hope to use the information they give you your sales and marketing efforts. Their ego will like that.

Then ask them "why did you originally hire me and why do you continue to hire me?" If they say "low price", don't believe them. Rephrase the question in a variety of ways such as: "what problems do I solve for you?", "If you could tell a friend just one reason to hire me, what would that reason be?", "if I stopped doing it, what one thing would bring me back to the pack in your eyes?"

The reason they originally hired you and the reason they continue to hire you may completely differ. You may find that the reasons have changed dramatically as they became more familiar with your services. Once again, you really need to know why your clients hire you. Go ask them. Then craft your marketing and sales messages accordingly.

Ron Roberts, The Contractor's Business Coach, provides business guidance to contractors. To receive a free copy of Ron's report, "The 10 Biggest Mistakes Contractors Make" visit www.FilthyRichContractor.com or contact him at Ron@filthyrichcontractor.com.