Readers who have been waiting for Pavement to develop its own interactive informational Web site have to wait no

Readers who have been waiting for Pavement to develop its own interactive informational web site have to wait no more. Next month our newly designed site,, will be active. We hope it's exactly what you've been asking for - we know it's what we've been working toward. Basically an extension of Pavement magazine, is designed to not only provide you with the information you can find in each issue of the magazine, it provides additional information that will enhance the articles and new product information you find in each issue. Perhaps even more importantly, www.forconstructionpros.comwill provide you with opportunities to exchange information with other contractors throughout the country (and throughout the world).

Here are just a few of the features the site will offer to help you grow your company, compete more effectively, and generate greater profits.

  • Articles and product information from the last few years of Pavement (and more years will be added as time passes).
  • Tailgate Talk, a forum where you can ask questions, provide assistance to other contractors, exchange ideas with other contracting professionals, or merely express your opinion on one of the hot topics of the day.
  • Running Your Business, a "how to" section that provides information on The Shop, The Back Office, The Law, Safety & Training, and Employee Matters.
  • You'll also be able to link directly to industry manufacturers and associations, check the weather in your area, list job openings, or apply for job. Essentially you'll be able to get more of what Pavement offers and do more with what you get.

    So take a tip from the "welcome" on the new site: Grab a cup of coffee and spend some time learning what has to offer you and your business. Then don't forget to bookmark it for frequent visits.

    And just as with Pavement, send us your suggestions on how we can make more useful and more valuable to you.