How's the Battle?

I’ve had several conversations over the last few weeks with concrete contractors. And when I ask the age-old question – “How’s the battle?” The responses are genuinely enthusiastic and positive. Some contractors are reporting turning down work because they have too much of it. While others are reporting to have scheduled jobs deep into the new year.

It appears to me that 2015 is the year contractors are poised to return to work levels not seen in six or seven years. Public and private construction is on the upswing, and you have an opportunity to start pricing your jobs for profit and not pricing to get the job.

There is however, an ominous dark cloud hanging over many concrete contractors. I continue to hear about situations where some contractors are “stealing” qualified workers from their competitors with promises of increased pay and in some cases, better benefits. But does this practice really solve your problem?

May I suggest a possible alternative worth exploring?

Have you visited with a local vocational school or your local community college? Perhaps a faculty member can recommend one or two students who could benefit from a generous opportunity provided by you.

I encourage you to explore the opportunities these institutions may offer such as a “work-study” or apprenticeship program.
Let’s declare 2015 as the year of “The Craftsman.” As a concrete contractor you are a craftsman. You strive to build the best concrete structure, slab, foundation, polished floor or decorative concrete project. Wouldn’t you want to pass your extensive knowledge to the next generation? After all, it’s the future of the industry and having a hand in the development and success of a future contractor is far more redeeming.

Given the shortage of qualified workers, what are you doing to fill the gap? I want to hear from you. Drop me a line at
From all of us to all of you, we wish you continued prosperity in 2015.