October is Careers in Construction Month

NCCER has declared October "Careers in Construction Month" to help spread the word and recruit the next generation of craft professionals

While it may not be "official", NCCER's Build Your Future initiative has declared October "Careers in Construction Month." The objective is to recruit more people into the industry, and you can take part in the effort.

The Build Your Future (BYF) initiative is providing online resources that can help construction businesses participate in Careers in Construction Month including a planning guide, craft professional outlook map, best practices guide, craft profession posters, fliers and brochures. If you're able to host a Careers in Construction Month event, register it with BYF where it will be profiled on the website as an official part of the Careers in Construction Month campaign.

BYF will also be debuting a video series featuring various lifestyles associated with construction careers. The "What if?" video series is designed to highlight how a career in construction offers more than just a paycheck.

Careers in Construction Month isn't just geared toward recruiting the younger generation. BYF also wants to use the campaign to help transitioning military members find careers in the construction industry.

Word of mouth is a great way to get people talking about careers in construction. If you can't host an event in October, NCCER is encouraging contractors to write to their legislators and governors asking for support in making official state proclamations recognizing october as Careers in Construction Month.

With all the recent talk about the industry confronting a lack of skilled labor needed to fill the increasing work, now is a great time to promote careers in construction.

What is your company doing to inspire and recruit the next generation of construction workers? Let us know in the comments section below.